Loyalty Incorporated

Founded in 2014 as a general purpose contracting company, Loyalty Incorporated, LLC have used our seventy plus years of expertise to serve dozens of clients in the Ohio area, helping them to repair, remodel, and build their dreams.

We do it all, from simple carpentry jobs and cleaning gutters to electrical, plumbing, and room additions, and we do it with a commitment to following these ideals: integrity, accountability, punctuality, honesty, and affordability. Loyalty is more than our name, it's our creed -- building your loyalty to us through our loyalty to your goals.

Our goal is to keep our high quality work affordable for our customers so we can have return customers. It sounds apparent, but if you are looking for a contractor and you get an estimate that seems outlandish, ask yourself "what is their goal?"

Read through our site. Read our customer testimonials. Consider our work through our before and after photos in our gallery. Contact us when you're ready to have your dream turned into a reality, whether it's painting your garage, re-siding your home, or adding a new master suite and bath to your floor plan.



We do framing, painting, drywall, paneling, trim, cabinetry, woodwork, roofing, decks, siding, windows, doors, tiling, flooring, and more, working with wood, brick, concrete, stone, and composites for lasting durability.



We work with 120 and 240 volt AC electric services. We can safely upgrade services, troubleshoot, rewire, and add new circuits for you.



We can fix a leaky faucet or plumb a new bathroom. We can run a natural gas line for a new gas cooktop, or install a tankless hot water heater to provide your family with endless hot water. We can repair grey water and septic systems so you can flush and forget.

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