About Us


Our Approach

We want your business. We want your return business. We are fully bonded and insured contractors who carry an ironclad commitment to customer satisfaction.

We know the ins and outs of home improvement, everything from making certain your plans are compliant with local zoning regulations and the proper paperwork has been filed with local and state agencies, to having finalized work guaranteed to pass all inspections. The final (and to us, most important) inspection is up to you, our client.

We won't sign off on a job until you, our valued customer, sign off.

Our Story

When we began in 2014 we were looking at the local contracting scene and we saw a need for contractors who stood behind their customers as much as they stood behind their work. We saw a need for high quality contractors who did their best to save their customers' hard earned money. We saw a need, and we stepped forward.


Jesse Stamp

Founder & CEO

Jesse Stamp, founder and CEO of Loyalty Inc., is an enthusiastic creator who has been working with a hammer and nails since his early teens. He began working in construction after graduating with a degree in carpentry. He has twenty years of experience in the industry. His favorite part of his job is "the rush of satisfaction when a job is completed beyond the customer's expectations."

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